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July 5, 2011.

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travel accessories.

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marc jacobs bag


If you are not going to use the Alma very often I would get the Artsy MM and the Neverfull GM.. Alma in Pomme is Beautiful but you will just be frustrated with pen marks etc especially if you are upset about them now on your pomme SLGs. I say go for the 2 bags instead of the Alma especially if you wont carry it that often. I have the Artsy GM and the Neverfull (azur, ebene and mono) GM and I love them all. As much as I love the Alma I would rather have more pratical bags that I can carry to work everyday and on days out with my children.

,fall winter 2010,Yesterday I got the call from my SA that my Lumineuse PM in Infini arrived, and I picked it up today. I already did a reveal in the empriente club, so I'll do an instant reveal here.It is absolutely gorgeous!
,m48615,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMxeKzUJrqESkip to 5:34 and pauseI think it's a zip clutch... It has crystal or sequins, I'm not quite sure. It comes in 3 or more colours; black, purple and silver.I've never seen these before... Are they a limited edition or something?They look hot though


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Travel time is more peaceful if you know that your pet is safe and comfortable in their seat while riding in the vehicle. Safety devices and gears are needed to ensure or reduce the possibility of getting injured most especially for agitated animals like dogs. This PetStreetMall article will list the best and safest travel devices and gears for pets while travelling.

PetBuckle Travel Kit. The PetBuckle dog seat belt is safety harness for your dog. This easy to use restraint protects your pet during car travel. Works with car seat belt or latch bar tether. The harness is made of automotive quality seat belt webbing, buckles, and adjusters, and has been crash tested to insure safety. It's comfortable and convenient, with a loop and a ring on the back for attaching a latch bar tether or leash. Small size fits dogs less than 20 pounds.

Dog Truck Tether System. If you have a truck and your dog love the view while staying at the back, this tether keeps your pet securely attached and restrained in the back of your truck. The easy-to-use system quickly attaches to the metal loops provided in the bed area of most trucks. Just hook to the other, and pull the adjuster tight. Attach your dog with the Kwik-Connect Tether and enjoy worry free, safe ride.

Pet Vehicle Safety Harness. The safety leash is made from a special material that is strength-rated, but provides a slight amount of stretch to absorb shock in the case of a sudden stop. The unique leash design integrates with the vehicle's seat belt tensioning device, thus providing range of motion while traveling, but in the case of a sudden stop it locks in place to keep pets secure. This design also makes it easy to load and unload your pet, and installs easily in all vehicles.

Dog Kwik-Connect Tether. This inside car tether is very useful to limit the movement of your dog to help avoid driver distraction, and it helps in protecting you dog in sudden stops, starts, and mild collisions. It also keeps your dog from becoming a dangerous missile that could injure other vehicle occupants in adverse situations.

Kwik-Connect Kennel System. This system is useful both for dogs or pets in a carrier. This harness keeps the dog you love riding along while braking or turning, and affords the best protection in extreme situations. It easily attaches to any vehicle's seatbelt system and is fully adjustable to fit securely around the dog's chest and shoulders. It also includes a built-in short walking lead for all-around use. There is a larger version too for large dogs or large kennels/carrier with the same strength. These harnesses are available in four different adjustable sizes to fit dogs 8lbs to 150 lbs. and are machine washable.

Pet Vehicle Barriers. If you got Sport Utility Vehicle, this pet travel safety system is the best both in giving freedom, restriction and safety for dogs at the back of the vehicle. Just like an ordinary fence, pet vehicle barriers are used to safely contain your pet inside your vehicle. All dog barrier designs are fully adjustable and suitable to most small and large vehicles like SUV's, vans and station Wagons. Aside from the easy way of traveling with your pet, it can also be useful in transporting sick and injured dog. his is totally a heavy-duty pet enclosure to keep your pet from not jumping over the passenger seat which is really dangerous, especially when you're along the highway.

Pet Car Seats. These seats are perfect for puppies, small to medium dogs and animals. They are soft and comfortable seat designed exclusively as pets' own seat with safety seat belt or harness, too. Some have pull out storage trays for pet's food. For feeding and watering you can use the convenient travel rack, which is a water bowl and food bowl. The comfortable foam form is covered in a sherpa interior, with a cloth exterior secured to the form with elastic. The cover is easily removed for hand washing in cold water and air drying.

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Definitely my Trevi PM.. she's just so versatile and fits everything I need.. (=

,n41534,^ no need to fret. It's a permanent line, so you should be able to get it. Just put your name on the waiting list.

,louis vuitton vuitton,Such a lovely sister!!!I'm sure your brother will love his new bag and shoes.

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