Vintage vuitton Louis Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture spring 2011: London calling Paris ’



Vintage Louis vuitton

Fashionista Nguyen collaborator is co-founder/style Director of look.

Serves as the London punk scene in Paris: If, as starting point for the collection of Jean Paul Gaultier Couture spring, her heart remains in Paris. Although there are called Brit Punk elements: namely heel cut mohawk, clippings and hair cut jackets studded leather: was just a disguise for a masterful executed with the ability of high couture of Gaultier collection. Of course, he was also a touch of humour which is not capable of Gaultier.

Without music, an announcer (a recording made by Catherine Deneuve) called each costume and girls born of small numbers simulate sample Haute Couture during the post WWII. Every aspect was a reference to the song: "London calling" was a combination of smoking without suspenders skirt with a split skirt and thigh high socks black; ' Anarchy in the United Kingdom was a multicolored costume embroidered metal smoking chaff and lapels of leather; the latter was a dress with a narrow column ' too fast to Live, Too Young to Die. But Gaultier Couture presentation is not complete without the necessary nautical clothing. This took the form of a shoulder offshore, dress long sleeves in the dark and white filaments marine.

It is now also a Gaultier tradition for their guests. This time a cancan dancer danced the runway, her skirt to reveal a white legs several printing lifting. Take too serious sometimes fashion and seasonal Gaultier never fails to make us laugh.

Vintage Louis vuitton

louis vuitton astrid wallet m9632t,

I'm so glad you started this thread. I don't mean to hijack it or anything but I want to share my love for Almas with you!! I sold my vintage mono Alma last year to fund some new LV's. I rationalized and said I never used her so I should sell her...anyway in May I won a beautiful White MC Alma and slowly over the past few months started to think about my old Alma. I know she went to a good home but I began to miss her. I didn't want to get a "new" Alma - I wanted the older style-- the perfect size and weight. Anyway, I started a hunt for a newer "old style" Alma and yesterday I found one. But I didn't bid on her and I thought of her all day at work where I'm blocked- no fun on the internet. Well, today I got home, checked the bay and she was re-listed! It was meant to be so I bought it immediately. I've come to appreciate and love the shape of the Alma even more than five years ago when I first fell in love.

,m93743,Congrats on all your purchases! ,n55216,Hi!I fell in love with the largest Siracusa I bought it and its HUGE! Do you think its too big??? My DH said it looks like a diaper bag. I love the big one because it has the two sets of handles, the medium size doesnt and it just has the one strap......what are your thoughts? Also if you have the azur speedy do you like that?? I am thinking maybe to get the speedy and return this?? thanks!


Sunglasses are "hot!" louis vuitton vs fake



When it comes to fashion, sunglasses are "hot!" What can be hotter than George Clooney as Danny Ocean wearing designer sunglasses in the Oceans movies? Paris Hilton or the Olsen twins can be seen, just about anywhere in Hollywood, day or night, wearing the latest in designer sunglasses. When they walk the red carpet and they are asked, "What are you wearing?" they might lower their sunglasses down on their noses and peer over the rims and drop designer names like Vera Wang, Dior, Valentino, Gucci and Armani.

As an attention-getting accessory or fashion statement, designer or custom sunglasses are nothing new. Trendsetters like Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and Elton John sported designer and custom sunglasses as part of their "look" or star status. Some have worn sunglasses to hide behind, cover their drug-affected eyes, or make a statement. Pictures of Elvis Presley reveal that he had sunglasses custom-made for him with his initials or the letters TCB (Taking Care of Business) built right into the nose bridge.

Stars like Sophia Loren, Donald Trump, and Britney Spears have their own name brand sunglasses on the market while others may be wearing Marc Jacobs or Armani sunglasses for a classy look or Baby Phat for punk style. The mood for the day might be for the blast-to-the-past 1950's look of Fossil sunglasses.

The same clothing designer may also be the designer of the sunglasses that you choose to accessorize your brand-name clothing. For instance, the smart Tommy dresser can add to the look of a Tommy Hilfiger clothing ensemble with Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses. For casual wear, Kate Spade sunglasses might do nicely. Carrera is known for a sporty look. For a sensual mood, Valentino frames that have smooth round edges and Swarovsky crystals might just put you (or whoever is looking at you) in the mood.

Designer sunglasses, if you can afford them, are a status symbol showing everyone that you have the cash (or credit card) to buy them. However, in order to be fashionable in sunglasses, you do not have to give up quality. Sunglasses, not being just fashionable accessories, are used to protect your eyes from damage caused by the sun's UV (ultra-violet) rays. Designer prescription sunglasses can improve vision, and reduce eyestrain, just like ordinary glasses.

Name-brand and designer sunglasses can be polarized to reduce the glare of the sunlight reflecting off surfaces like the highway, cars, water or snow. Polarized sunglasses work by blocking off the horizontal light reflections and only let in vertical light reflections. The polarization of designer sunglasses makes them fashionable in other areas of lifestyle like golfing, boating, biking, swimming, fishing and aircraft flying.

Marketers of designer sunglasses aim toward children who enjoy the same hot styles and brand-names as their parents and their idols. Children's designer sunglasses can also be polarized. Sunglasses should be part of children's daily wear as they play outside and engage in outdoor sports and activities. Sunglasses can prevent them from the long-term affects of sun damage to their eyes.

Sunglasses in any shade, shape or size, by any name may be a "hot" fashion item for trend-setting stars, men, women and children, but the importance of protecting the eyes from damage far outweighs the importance of looking cool.

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,m92639,congrats!! their lovely!!!

,m41524,I used to feel the same way. I wondered why a person would pay as much for a purse as they would a piece of jewelry. Then I had an epiphany. A luxury handbag is a luxury accessory, as is jewelry. It also serves a function. I realized I was a hypocrite because I wore an Ebel watch when a Timex would have done just fine. I then changed my attitude.

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