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In a stock market with a price that tend to be saturated with conscious trend bags that the hope of attracting young customers with dubious financial skills, find something like Longchamp leather Tote divine can be a revelation. … Just a catch-all. A black bag! A neutral bag black, useful!

When a project is simple, they should be made of materials of great or it does simply not work. Fortunately, the Longchamp leather chose is soft and tangible, but still enough to make this bag an option for a conservative Office.

The only one, but I have this design is the logo of the Medallion in the middle. I am not a big fan of these annexes stuck in a bag and this, almost ruins the Visual simplicity. The relatively reasonable price and beautiful skin, however, am willin to forgive his presence. If someone at Longchamp you read this, however, the stop with these things. Outdated aspect. Buy through Bloomingdale to $535.

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They didnt bring it :(. I swear they lose my bags on purpose...the bills however always get here early!!

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Timi and Leslie Hardware Mommy Bag Only because it runs over 1 hour of sleep, see graying and you want to compress only being a mommie is a great thing. For women bag fans, be a mommie means they need a bag of broad layers. Timi and Leslie equipment Mamma bag designed by leather lined with waterproof bronze metal helps bag baby resistant and durable. There is also a buffer of change and a handle corresponding Brocade. Outside there is enough space for storage with two open pockets back and front. Although some children bags shout "this is yet another boy black bag" this bag is a bit sharper gold and the charm of a heart of gold hanging suspended material before. The bag closes with a magnetic coupling and measures 16 x 13. Buy for yourself or a mommie $400 on the intuition of the shop.

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375 Third Avenue (at 27th St.) NYC
T: 212-683-6500
Kitchen open til 2:00AM Daily


Minnie D'Moocha and the Burlesque Girls of the Rock & Roll Roadshow
Photograph by Julieta Cervantes

Kurt Vile's Playboy Magazine April 2014 photo shoot at the Rodeo Bar

Photographs by Danny Clinch Photography, Inc.







New York Times

Black Shelton Interviewed by Gayle King at Rodeo Bar

Austin Chronicle

Outlaw Magazine

CBS New York


Bar & Restaurant Reviews


Best Margaritas in New York

Party Earth

Lonely Planet


Menu Pages



Live Music Reviews

Lee Ann Westover

The Hugh Pool Shiners


Time Out New York
Nashville Star: New York Post "Taste of Nashville in New York": "Nashville Star," the USA Network's twangy answer to "American Idol," held its first-ever New York Auditions in NYC at Rodeo Bar, drawing more than 800 wannabes. The show airs January and February 2007 for its 3rd season.

New York Post
Eat, Drink and Be Merry in New York — Gratis
Not only does the city's "longest-running roadhouse" offer chicken wings and nachos during the 4 p.m- to-7 p.m. happy hour. But house favorite the Jack Grace Band or Grace's twang-rockin' alter ego Van Hayride — and on occasion Norah Jones — takes the stage.

AOL CityGuide
Voted one of NYC's best margaritas on AOL CityGuide City's Best 2006.

Pick for American (Texan)
Texas barbecue has its own section on the menu at this gritty roadhouse, and the juicy eight-ounce burger also holds a prime place. If you prefer some Mex with your Tex, there's plenty of that, too: chili, burritos, enchiladas, and loudly sizzling fajitas. After you fill up you can catch country acts and roots-rockers for free. BEST BET Angus burger $7.

Shecky's Nightlife NYC issue #221
"...for a down-home hootenanny that's General-Lee fun and always cover-free, Rodeo Bar (375 3rd Ave.: 212.683.6500) serves up both kinds of music: Country AND Western.

Time Out New York
The TONY 100 Bars and Lounges
Live music (country, alt-country, rockabilly, and bluegrass) rocks the joint seven nights a week; the bar is in an old, beaten-up horse trailer; and the Tex-Mex and barbeque menu accompanies ten flavors of sweet 'n strong margaritas. During happy hour, drinks come with free nachos and wings. Southerners, and various kindred spirits, think fondly of this rowdy roadhouse as their honkly tonk away from home.

Time Out New York
Music Venue Review: Grade: A; Sound: Usually impeccable. "Bartenders among the nicest in town...NYC's top roots-music club is a bargain, too...with saddles as decor, what did you expect?"